Amaya Fabric Softener and Conditioner

Amaya Fabric Softener and Conditioner – Lavender,Spring Fresh and Peach and Apple

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Amaya Fabric Softener and Conditioner – Lavender,Spring Fresh and Peach and Apple

Amaya is a fabric softener that softens and freshens all types of fabrics. its formulation reduces creasing makes clothes easy to iron and newer for longer.

Continuous use of AMAYA Softerner has the following effects:

  • Makes clothes more comfortable to wear
  • Minimizes Creasing on your clothes
  • Makes ironing easier and faster
  • Preserves natural fabrics colors
  • Prolongs and keeps fabrics fresh always


Add 1 capful (100ml) into dispenser or final rinse water of cycle for each load. For all automatic washing machines, premix 1 capful 100ml of AMAYA SOFT with 20ml of hot water before adding to dispenser. Clean top loader drums frequently.


  • Wash clothes the normal way
  • Rinse out the detergent from clothes
  • Add 1/2 capful of AMAYA Soft, to the final rinse water and then add washed clothes


Contain Among others!

  • Less than 10% Cationic Surfactants
  • Less than 1% Perfumes
  • Less than 1% Preservatives


  • Do not pour Amaya Soft fabric conditioner directly onto clothes
  • Do not add blue, detergent,starch or bleaching agents to the final rinse
  • If accidentally swallowed give plenty of water and seek medical help immediately.
  • Incase of eye contact rinse thoroughly with clean cold water and seek medical advice
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750 ML 1 Dozens 1485 1723
2.5 LITRES 1/2 Dozens 1750 2030



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